Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Step 2: The Middle Edges

There are two objectives for this step:
  1. Move 3 middle edge pieces into their correct position and orientation
  2. Make sure you end up with 3 top edge pieces with the top colour on the top face
In other words, we want to carry out 3 edge piece series which accomplish the two objectives above. Obviously, this will mean that the last top edge piece will be in the middle, and the last middle edge piece will be on the top.

Here's a video showing an example of obtaining the objectives.

When you can get 3 middle edges in place, as well as 3 top edge pieces on top, with the top colour on top, you're ready to complete the remaining edge pieces.


  1. I don't remember the part about getting 3 yellows up. Is that part of Marshall's solution, or did you add it?

    I think it is part of another solution I learned. The one by Mark Jeays. He didn't use the Edge Piece Series though. I don't think. Argh! Many solutions learned plus lots of time since then equals confused! :D

  2. @Bud

    It's definitely part of Marshall's solution. It all makes sense though. And it works well.

    I don't anything about Mark Jeays. However, Marshall's edge piece series is a very common commutator so a lot of methods will probably use it.

  3. Accomplished.
    And more importantly, I'm starting to get the hang of my two moves eps and cps. Plus the reverse eps.
    I'm understanding so far. :)