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The 5x5x5 Cube is the next step up from the 4x4x4. In some ways it's actually easier. The basic idea is to reduce the cube so it's essentially the same as a 3x3x3 cube. Once that's done, it behaves like a 3x3x3 cube.

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The Basic Plot

  1. Solve centers
  2. Make edge triplets
  3. Position edge triplets
  4. Solve corners

Step 1: Solve Centers

This is the same as for the Rubik's Revenge, except that there is a fixed center piece. If you can solve the centers on the Rubik's Revenge, the only slightly tricky part is getting the last two center faces complete.

To complete these last two centers, we use the corner piece series. We turn the outer face for upper face turns, but when we turn left and right faces, we turn both outer and inner slices. The sequence

U r U' l'  U r' U' l

will cycle the UL->FL->FR corners.

Step 2: Match Edge Triplets

All centers are now in place and it's time to match edge triplets. You'll notice that instead of there being 1 edge piece joining two faces, there are three. The goal is to first match 10 of the edge triplets. Use the edge piece series as follows
  1. Find three edge pieces needing to be matched.
  2. Bring them together (centers will be disturbed).
  3. Use an edge piece series (eg.FR'F'R) to move the matched edge triplets onto a different face. Make sure to replace the completed edge triplet with a triplet that is not already completed.
  4. Return the centers.
It's very simple, as this video will show.

Help! I Only Have Two Edge Triplets Left To Make?!?

This is not a problem on the 5x5x5.  When you're down to 2 edge triplets remaining, proceed as follows:
  1. Locate one of the edge triplets and note the colour of the central edge piece.
  2. Locate the third piece of that same colour, which is on a different edge triplet.
  3. Push that 3rd piece next to the central edge piece, so that you have two pieces of the same colour, next to each other and correctly oriented. (Your centers will be disturbed.)
  4. Now, remove the newly made (incomplete) edge triplet onto another face, and then return it reversed.
  5. Return centers.
Once that's done, you will have completed another edge triplet.

Help! My Last Edge Triplet Has One Inverted Piece?!?

This is also not a problem on the 5x5x5. It's quite possible to have all edge triplets completed, apart from the last one. This last one will have the two outer pieces facing the same way, but the middle one inverted. 

Here's what to do:
  1. Turn the two bottom slices 1 turn clockwise.
  2. Re-solve each center using an even number of turns.
  3. When all centers are re-solved, 3 or 4 edges will be unmatched.
  4. Re-solve the remaining edge triplets.
It's easy when you see it in action.

Step 3: Place Edge Triplets

Now treat each edge triplet as a single edge piece. Turn only the outer layers. Position the edges exactly as you would for the 3x3x3 Rubik's cube.

Step 4: Solve Corners

This is the same as for the 3x3x3 Rubik's cube. Carry out corner piece series until you have only 3 corners remaining. Then carry out the end game. There are no strange happenings with corners as there are for the 4x4x4.

Here's a video showing the end game.

And that's it. Your 5x5x5 Cube is now solved. I trust this site has been helpful. If you have any questions or want some clarifications, please use the comments to do so. To buy this cube, click here.


  1. Hi,

    Cant watch the video . . . some of the others cube videos are ok, this one is not . . :-(
    I got "An error occurred. please try again later"
    Pls advice.

    1. Hi

      Which video? They seem to be fine to me. If you let me know which one in particular, I can investigate.

    2. google chrome not compatible with java use internet explorer

  2. hi how do you solve the last triplet? there is no video showing how to. i end up with a similar scenario as you in the video with the final triplet. please help as i am so far and really want to finish it. thanks

  3. Hi nikhil

    Can you be more specific please? Are you talking about *making* the last triplet, or placing it? It's impossible to have 11 triplets placed and the last one not, so I assume you mean making it. So if it's not made, what's wrong with it. Is it flipped, as in the middle piece is inverted? Please let me know and I'll help you out.

    1. Hi Chareaves,

      I think he/she has the same problem that I face :-)

      At the end of the third video you state that 'all looks lost but it is not' because of the flipped middle cube in the last triplet. The fourth video just shows a cube where all triplets are correct.


    2. Aaaaahh! I see the problem now. Right. Thanks for clarifying this. You're (both) correct, there is a missing video. It's a simple fix, I just for some reason haven't included it in the tutorial. It will take me a day or two, but I'll make a video for this and upload it in soon. Very sorry for the incompleteness here.

    3. nikhil, shevek and others

      I've added a video to explain how to deal with this problem of the flipped middle cube in the last triplet. It's under "Help! My Last Edge Triplet Has One Inverted Piece?!?".

      Again, so sorry I missed this one out...

  4. Hi. I recently bought a 4 x 4 and a 5 x 5 cube after mastering the 3 x 3 thanks to your explanation of the ultimate method. I encountered a situation that I wasn't sure how to handle on the 5 x 5... it was the "Help! I only have two edge triplets left to make!" situation as picture in your video EXCEPT instead of having two edge pieces which are adjacent and one is in the wrong orientation, the two matching edge pieces were at the top and bottom and both had the correct orientation, as did the complementary middle piece on the opposite side. I discovered that one solution is to send either the top or bottom piece over to the other side with the middle piece (using the same process you show in the video I believe) thus creating the condition of having two adjacent pieces with one in the wrong orientation (as depicted in the video).

    Also I was wondering if you would endorse any particular manufacturers and sellers of these puzzles. (Though maybe you should ask them for compensation for being mentioned before you actually name them here, since this site clearly gets visits from their potential customers and the people reading it will be very likely to trust your opinion.)

    In particular I'm interested in the cuboids. (4 x 4 x 6, 3 x 4 x 5 ...) Thanks!

    1. Hi
      Well done for figuring out that fix.

      As for endorsing manufacturers, not unless they paid me oodles of cash! Honestly, I tend to go for mass-produced stuff only. When i started buying twisty puzzles I had no idea so many existed, or that the quality could vary so much. I ordered a 4x4x4 and it was rubbish.

      The thing about the cuboids is that most of the time there's only one mass-produced version around (if that). So the 4x4x6, produced by TomZ and Calvin is the only mass-produced one. also, there is only one 3x4x5 available "over-the-counter".

      The main designers are mf8, mf8+dayan, and TomZ. These days I don't bother with ebay. I buy my puzzles from one store only. It's called and it's in hong kong. I assure you I'm receiving nothing for stating that. It's no cheaper than anywhere else, it has as good a range as anywhere else, and I've found that the after-sales service actually exists. So if something's faulty, it's likely to be replaced without a problem. I've had the wrong puzzle sent on occasion and when I've told them they've said to keep it as a gift and they send the new one out. I can't guarantee that they'll always be like this but so far I'm happy enough.

      I hope this helps...

  5. Hi twisty puzzling,
    I always seem to have trouble with edge parity and remembering the long algorthums to correct them. But now, using EPS that issue is no long something to fear when solving 4x4x4 or 5x5x5 and higher orders. Thank you for your videos, they are very helpful. I really enjoy the part of looking at the puzzle and decide the EPS to use and know how the cubies move. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Jose,

      Thanks for your comments! I'm glad the videos have helped. Stay tuned because I will soon be uploading a new version of the 4x4x4 through to the 7x7x7 cubes.

  6. Hi
    I am stuck at the last three corners, as they are in the right place but are not facing the right direction. Please could you help as I am so far and would like to finish it. Thanks

    1. Use a CPS to take them out of their positions. Then use a different one, probably with setups, to put them in correctly.

  7. What is the Clockwise Algorithm For The Corner Pieces That Are In Incorrect Place?

  8. i am placing the edge triplets and i have only 2 that need to be flipped

    can you help me with this?