Sunday, November 27, 2011

5x5x5 Supercube

The 5x5x5 Supercube is a Professor cube where each piece has a particular orientation. We solve it in the same way as the 5x5x5 Professor cube, but make sure that the orientation of the centers is correct.

The Basic Plot

  1. Solve centers
  2. Reduce edges
  3. Place edges
  4. Solve corners

Step 1: Solve Centers

Initially, we don't need to worry about the orientation of each face. We simply need to solve the center pieces so that all 9 of them are pointing in the same direction. First, we solve the white centers. Next, the yellow. Continue with the next two centers, and finally, solve the last two faces of centers. This is slightly more difficult than on a Professor Cube, because the orientation of the pieces matters. The general plan is to solve the "center-edges" (the center pieces on the inner 3x3x3 that act as edges) first, and then solve the "center-corners".

To solve the center-corners, we use a corner piece series, turning the outer layer of the upper face, but the inner layers of the left and right faces.

Often, when placing the center-edges, you will find that there are only two edges left which need to be swapped. For this, we have a nice fix.

This video will take you through the whole process.

Step 2: Reduce Edges

This step follows the method used in the Professor Cube. 

When there are only two or three triplets left to make, again, proceed as for the Professor Cube.

Step 3: Place Edges

For the first time in the solve, we must now take note of the orientation of the faces. Twist each face into its correct position, based on the corners. Once that's done, treat each edge triplet as a single edge piece, turn only the outer layers, and position the edges exactly as you would for the 5x5x5 Professor cube.

Remember to always undo any setup moves, and to always use the 4 full moves of the edge piece series. This will ensure that the centers remain correctly oriented.

Step 4: Solve Corners

This is the same as for the Professor cube. Carry out corner piece series until you have only 3 corners remaining. And finally solve the last three corners.

And that's it. Your 5x5x5 Supercube is now solved. I trust this site has been helpful. If you have any questions or want some clarifications, please use the comments to do so. 

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