Monday, December 5, 2011


The 4x4x5 Cuboid is a fully functional and proportional cuboid. It's mass-produced and is a really enjoyable solve. The one I'm using is made by Ayi and available here.

The Basic Plot
  1. Solve centers.
  2. Solve inner corners.
  3. Solve edges.
  4. Solve corners.
Step 1: Solve Centers

To begin with, solve the white and yellow centers as you would for a 4x4x4. The basic technique is to make pairs of center pieces and then place them. Once one pair is placed, use the 2nd pair to push out the already-placed pair, then turn the face and return the pushed-out pair. It's super-simple, even if this description isn't.

The side face centers are done similarly but not the same. First, turn into position the middle layer center pieces. Now, find two matching centers which need to be brought together, and place them 180° apart. Bring them together (which disrupts the white and yellow centers), then move them onto an adjacent face using an edge piece series (eg. U' R2 U R2). Finally, return the centers.

If you find yourself down to two center pieces needing to swap, just carry out the same technique as above, but use one of the same colours for the 3rd piece. It's all extremely easy and this video will make that clear.

Step 2: Solve Inner Corners

To solve these inner corners, we use the corner piece series for cuboids.

(u R2 u L2) x 2

Instead of turning all outer layers, this series will turn the inner layer for upper turns, but the outer layers for left and right face turns. It cycles the pieces  LBu->FLd->FRd. And of course, its mirror can also be used.

Sometimes, you'll be left with the problem of having to swap two of these "corners". Here's how to fix it.
  1. Hold the puzzle with the 4x4x4 sides at top and bottom.
  2. Turn the bottom two faces 90° and then re-solve the centers.
  3. Re-solve the inner corners.
The video will make it clear.

Step 3: Solve Edges

This is done in much the same way as you would on a 4x4x4 cube. First, pair edge pieces by bringing them together, then use an edge piece series to move the completed edge pair onto a different face. Finally, return the centers.

Once the edge pairs have been made, we can place them as we would for a 3x3x4.

Step 4: Solve Corners

At this stage, the only types of pieces left to solve are the outer corners. This is because the inner cage is completely solved, and all the edge pairs have been placed.

Once again, we use a corner piece series, but this time we turn only the outer layers. It's much like we do for the 3x3x4.

If you need to swap two outer corners, apply the following fix.
  1. Hold the puzzle with the 4x4x4 sides at left and right.
  2. Turn the bottom two slices 180° and then re-solve the centers.
  3. Re-solve everything else.
Again, this video will make it clear.

And that's it. Your 4x4x5 is now solved. I trust this site has been helpful. If you have any questions or want some clarifications, please use the comments to do so.

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