Saturday, April 7, 2012

Crazy 3x3x3 Earth - Reduction

The Crazy 3x3x3 Earth is one of the "Crazy Planet Cube" series.

This solve will be using a Reduction method, where we reduce the cube to a circle cube. This means we'll first place the circle edges, then solve the outer edges, and then attach the circle corners to their respective outer edges. Once that's done, we'll complete the solve as we would for a circle cube, by solving the outer corners.

Understanding Crazy 3x3x3 Earth

First, take a look at the diagram below.

You'll see that Earth is listed as "11", and on the picture, the white and green faces, which are next to each other, are different to the other 4 faces. The "1" means that when you turn the white and green faces, the center parts turn with the face. When you turn the other faces, the center parts don't move. So they're "0" faces.

But yours may have different colours as the "1" faces. It'll definitely have two faces next to each other where the centers turn with the face, but they might be, for example, green and red. (Apparently the factory just puts them together with the correct face specification regardless of colour.) It's a good idea to make yours the same colour specifications as the original. This site will be using the correct colours. This video will show you how.

The Basic Plot
  1. Solve circle edges
  2. Solve outer edges
  3. Attach circle corners to outer edges
  4. Solve outer corners
Step 1: Solve Circle Edges

Solving the circle edges on this cube is more challenging that on the mercury, but still fairly straightforward. We place the yellow edges first and then hold the cube with the white face on the bottom and the green face at front. Ignore the green face for now. Turn in the middle layer edges using edge piece series and the white face. Once they are done, turn in the the upper and lower layer edges with edge piece series. Finally, complete the white and green edges with edge piece series. This video will explain all.

Step 2: Solve Outer Edges

The outer edges are solved with edge piece series. We need to make sure we don't turn the white or green faces during the edge piece series, though.

Step 3: Attach Circle Corners to Outer Edges

This is the longest part of the solve. It is, however, still quite simple. The goal is to attach the circle corners to their outer edges. We do this by moving a circle edge from the top face down into the middle layer with an edge piece series. Then turn the bottom (1) face to attach the correct circle corner, and finally return the circle edge back to its place in the top face. 

Step 4: Solve Outer Corners

At this stage, we have what is equivalent to a circle cube. The only things left to solve are the outer corners. We place these using corner piece series, and make sure we don't turn the white or green faces while doing it. This can be a little difficult to setup for, but this video will show how it's done.

And that's it. Your Crazy 3x3x3 Earth is now solved. I trust this site has been helpful. If you have any questions or want some clarifications, please use the comments to do so.

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