Sunday, November 25, 2012

4x4x4 B234 Bandaged Cube

The 4x4x4 B234 Bandaged Cube is a bandaged twisty puzzle in the shape of a cube. It has an inner strip running through the middle of the cube. All other pieces are 2x2x1 blocks. To buy this puzzle, click here.

The Basic Plot

  1. Solve center band.
  2. Reduce the corners.
  3. Solve the reduced 2x2x3.
Step 1: Solve Center Band

If we hold the puzzle with the 2x2 blocks on the up face, we have a central band running vertically around the cube. Solving this first means we can then concentrate on dealing with the corners.

This is a particularly simple step and involves just simple twists.

Step 2: Reduce Corners

If we now hold the 4x3 face as the up face, we can carry out the corner piece series with 180° turns. This will allow us to attach the corners to the edges. But basically we're creating for ourselves reduced corner pieces.

Step 3: Solve Reduced 2x2x3

To finish the solve, we hold the 4x2 face as the up face. Once again, we carry out the corner piece series. This time the "corners" that cycle are the reduced blocks made up of two 2x2x1 blocks. When we do a cycle, some of the reduced pieces will rotate. That's ok. By the time we're done, everything will be correctly in its place and correctly oriented.

And that's it. Your 4x4x4 B234 Bandaged Cube is now solved. I trust this site has been helpful. If you have any questions or want some clarifications, please use the comments to do so. To buy this puzzle, click here.


  1. Brilliant! If I could get one of these, I reckon I might even have managed to solve it myself. Where did you find one for sale?


    1. I got it from ebay. Type cubetwist B234, and the seller there (there's only one) normally knocks a couple of bucks off the price if you make an offer. The 443A is coming soon.