Sunday, November 4, 2012

Big Block Cube

The Big Block Cube is a bandaged twisty puzzle in the shape of a cube. It has one ginormous 2x2x3 bandaged block. All other pieces are single cubies.

It should be fairly obvious why this puzzle is called the Big Block cube.

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The Basic Plot

  1. Solve edges.
  2. Place corners.
  3. Orient corners.
Step 1: Solve Edges

This is a simple step where we place edges just as we would for a standard cube. The only restraint is that we have just the two faces to turn. This is no problem, though, since all edges will easily cycle into place.
    This video will show how to solve the edges.

    Step 2: Place Corners

    To carry out an ordinary corner piece series, we need three faces in a row (not around a corner) which are able to move. We also need to be able to turn the upper face one turn. In this puzzle, we only have two faces to turn. So the corner piece series is a no-go.

    Instead, we will first place the corners and not worry about their orientation.

    This is done by using the edge piece series repeated 3 times. For instance, when we carry out (FR'F'R)x3, we will swap the UFR corner with the DFR corner, and also swap the UFL corner with the UBR corner.

    It's quick and painless, as this video will show.

    Step 3: Orient Corners

    To orient our placed corners, we'll use a sequence involving the edge piece series.

    [(FR'F'R) X2  F (R'FRF') X2  F'] X 2

    This is only one variation of this sequence. This version will twist anticlockwise the three corners on the front face UFL, DFL and DFR.

    Let's see it on a solved puzzle.

    As usual, the video below will explain things more clearly than these words, so that you shouldn't need to remember this sequence, as it's a simple concept when put in practice.

    And that's it. Your Big Block Cube is now solved. I trust this site has been helpful. If you have any questions or want some clarifications, please use the comments to do so. To buy this puzzle, click here.


    1. Very interesting method! I couldn't find a way to use the Ultimate solution because I couldn't work out how to rotate the corners!

      Instead I positioned corners first, then used SUNE to orient the corners and finally did various combinations of adjacent or opposite edge swaps to complete the cube. I like your technique but for once I think mine is easier!


      1. Kevin

        I could not agree with you more! Using sunes is probably simpler in the long run. i actually came up with quite a number of sequences to orient corners, some quite long, others short but not quite ultimate solution. My problem is that this site is rubiksultimatesolution and so I feel I need to provide methods that fit with that. Sunes don't, unfortunately. I've actually been chatting with Burgo about this constraint and how to get around it or at least branch out when it's easier.

        For a short orientation sequence, try this on a solved cube.


        It's close, but not quite, ultimate solution material.

      2. Very nice sequence - I'll never be able to remember it!! :-)

        I'm still waiting for your solution to the AI 4x4 bandaged cube! I've managed it 5 times now but that last 2x2x2 is always a struggle.

        As for the constraint to "ultimate solution" only - it's your site so you can do whatever you want with it! It could be the Ultimate solution by Marshall or now, with over 50 solutions on it, you could say it's the "ultimate" site for twisty puzzle solutions using the simplest technique available (whatever it may be). You certainly have always taken the approach that you should use the least possible number of different algorithms!


      3. The AI is mostly done. I am just working on two 4th block situations that I haven't sorted out yet. All the other videos are done. Do you want me to upload the ones I've done?

      4. Oh yes!

        I've got this sucker solved but not every time! Certainly hope you have covered my scenarios!

      5. Ok. They're uploading now. Do you get notification of my youtube uploads, or only additions to this site?

      6. I've set notifications just for the site. If I get your YouTube notifications then it totally overwhelms my list because you can often upload 10-20 vids at once!

      7. Ah, fair enough! Well then you should now have a notification that the complete AI 444 bandaged tutorial is up. I figured another 3 cases today. Boy, that felt good. I'm really happy with the videos. Hope they help you.