Sunday, December 23, 2012

Axis Cube

The Axis Cube is a twisty puzzle which is a cube when solved, but completely indescribable when scrambled. It's a shape modification of a 3x3x3 cube.

The Basic Plot

  1. Solve edges.
  2. Solve corners.
Step 1: Solve Edges

Since it's a shape modification, we should expect some things to be different. Indeed, before tackling the edges, we need to deal with the centers. Each center piece has 2 stickers on it. This means the orientation matters. 

Before placing any edges, we orient each center piece so they're all correct. (Actually, the last one doesn't matter until near the end of placing the edges). Then we place the edges using full edge piece series. The edges can be placed in any order but it's probably easiest to place four edges around a center, as though this was the "white cross".

Step 2: Solve Corners

We use an ordinary corner piece series to place the corners. The pieces still behave as they normally do - eg. roll along an edge - but we try and be smart about placing them.

The corners come in two varieties: there are 2 large triangular corner pieces each with 3 sticker colours, and 6 small corner pieces with only 1 sticker. I like to try and place both, or at least one of the larger pieces first because they have three colours on them. They're harder to orient correctly. The small corners, on the other hand, have only the one colour and are generally easier to place.

In the following video, I take my time as I think through what might be the best thing to do in each situation.

And that's it. Your Axis Cube is now solved. I trust this site has been helpful. If you have any questions or want some clarifications, please use the comments to do so.


  1. This series really needs to be topped off with the ultimate mod - the ghost cube!

    Or maybe you will need to start on 4x4 mods?


  2. Hmmm. OK. It must be done. Tell me where I can buy one (I think you did earlier but I can't remember where) and I will schedule it in to my purchasing schedule.

    And most of the 4x4 mods I've already done.

    1. Contact Cubervietnam or Hungab on the TP forum and ask them about making one for you - in black with white stickers or my favourite - white with black stickers. It is also available from Shapeways but at a rather eye watering cost (€160!)

    2. I checked out those two on TP. At $100+ I think I'll leave it for now....

    3. It is quite steep! Sorry :-(
      I guess, that as a handmade puzzle, that's what makes it so expensive!