Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hexagonal Prism

The Hexagonal Prism is a twisty puzzle which has two hexagonal faces and 6 rectangular faces. It's a shape modification of a 3x3x3 cube. It also shapeshifts. Even better, it's possible (and legal) to end up with one corner twisted and everything else solved!

The Basic Plot

  1. Solve edges.
  2. Solve corners.
Step 1: Solve Edges

Since it's a shape modification, we should expect some things to be different. Indeed, before tackling the edges, we need to deal with the centers. Each center piece is a kite-shaped piece and has 3 colours on it. This means the orientation matters. 

Before placing any edges, we orient each center piece so they're all correct. Then we place the edges using full edge piece series. The edges can be placed in any order but it's probably easiest to place four edges around a center, as though this was the "white cross".

Remember that there are two types of edges: 6 rectangular pieces and 6 trapezoidal pieces. It makes no real difference which type we place first.

Step 2: Solve Corners

We use an ordinary corner piece series to place the corners. The pieces still behave as they normally do - eg. roll along an edge - but we try and be smart about placing them.

The corners come in two varieties: there are 2 small triangular corner pieces, and 6 large pyramidal corner pieces. I like to try and place all, or most of the larger pieces first because they have three colours on them. They're harder to orient correctly. The small corners, on the other hand, have only the one colour and we don't have to think about orientation.

In the following video, I take my time as I think through what might be the best thing to do in each situation. And at the end, I manage somehow to manufacture the situation mentioned earlier where one corner is twisted but all other pieces are solved.

And that's it. Your Hexagonal Prism is now solved. I trust this site has been helpful. If you have any questions or want some clarifications, please use the comments to do so.


  1. You're really going for these shape mods! I love them. I love how you really have to change your perspective.

    Maybe you should get some 4x4 shape mods?


    1. Yeah I bought a whole bunch of them not too long ago. Working through them all.

      So what are the mass-produced 444 mods?

    2. The only mass produced ones I have seen are the Rhombic dodecahedron, the 4x4 octahedron and the Mask cube. To be honest they all look very similar. Then of course there's a 4x4 ghost cube which is a very expensive hand made mod but is frighteningly difficult!

    3. A 4x4x4 hexagonal dipyramid is available too.

    4. OK. I already have tutorials for the 444 rhombic dodecahedron and the 444 octahedron. I did look at the ghost cube but decided it was too expensive for me at the moment.

      Timothy, where do you get the hex dipyramid? I looked on nowstore but they don't seem to have it. It's not the super pyramid is it?

    5. It is the "Super-dipyramid" at HKNowStore. (You can find it as the "Hexagonal Dipyramid 4x4x4 "in the Twisty Puzzles museum. This shows that they are the same puzzle.)